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The first sleek line of the Obsidian Project is made from recycled fabric scraps.

The land, the air, and the sea, Unexplainable wonders that come together ever so perfectly to create this planet that we call home. Our initial launch will be our spring ‘21 line, and with it comes the possibility to fit into any occasion. Nature-inspired colorways remind us of our home planet and protect us from its seasons.


Each piece is uniquely designed for the user with an expert seamstress at hand who ensures that every scrap is accounted for. Leaving no scraps behind.


Maisy Land brings a whole new role to the dinner table.  As a utility that is as universal as duct tape.  Maisy Land Butter can conquer any obstacle in its path, from dry and flakey surfaces to providing that smooth delicious taste to your meals.   - This project was designed during the 2021 AIGA Portland Mentorship Program.


A’ala Park Bastards is a Skateshop in Oahu, Hi. APB is one of the most know stores on the island.  For years their logo has remained basic and unrecogniazble.  This fictitious project was aimed to rebrand the skate shop giving them a true identity of the concrete warriors they are.


Is a subchapter for a fictitious writers conference.  The subject of this lecture series was designed to help new and previously incarcerated people by giving them the education and writing skills needed to make them as regular citizan. 

3rd Sesssion Stairs Mockup.jpg
Main Poster Mockup.jpg

Morning Wood

Was created to focus on the insides and detials on what it takes to create a skateboard magazine.  With help of inspiriton from various skateboard magazines and random interviews, the publication of Morning Wood was crated.  Theres no better way to starts off the skate sesh with a new, fresh, hard wood.